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stands in for Washington as The Twilight Saga begins its two-part conclusion. And according to Nathan, he regularly visits the production office where hell wind up sharing stories about Frances, a woman he hasnt seen in more than 50 years. Sarah Polleys Stories We Tell is released in Canadian cinemas. The voices blaring at him are soon replaced by his own compulsive, circular, maddening conversations with himself in voiceover as he works through the language of PTSD, addiction and recovery a system is in place to maintain your positionuse it., Young is soon joined on stage by a company of five dancers, and over the course of the harrowing first act, they inhabit the ravaged landscape of his mind a demonic tap dance here, an alter egos sinister soft-shoe there, becoming a surreal late-night show of salsa, drugs and self-loathing. On NFY, truth is a lie you have the confidence to believe. And he didnt just come out: making good on the promise of that speech, he spent the rest of the decade using his celebrity to amplify LGBTQ stories and other LGBTQ artists. Its no problem: the crew will focus on getting a cool drone shot, instead. But this album their leap into top 40 was proudly and publicly inspired by Taylor Swift (the genre-crossover queen who theyd perform with later the same year) and Rihanna, and their debut single, Closer, earned platinum status in Canada for the first time in their career. How great to see our talented kids succeed!Are they going to come back? It featured Mozarts Piano Concerto No. The resulting video for the power ballad Ashes shows a heavily retouched Dion prancing on The Colosseum stage with dancer Yanis Marshall in heels and a Deadpool costume. Subscribe, Valentino releases a 2016 collection featuring artwork by Christi Belcourt. Never a critical hit, the series was a pop culture titan, bolstered by legions of Twihards. Stan culture came to dominate the decade, and the acolytes of this schlocky supernatural romance more or less signalled the first wave. Peter Knegt is a writer and producer at CBC Arts, writing the award-winning weekly column Queeries and spearheading projects like Canadas a Drag, Super Queeroes and what youre reading right now. It was inevitable. David Myles, Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) by Nelly Furtado, The Veldt by Deadmau5 feat. Because the idea isnt bonkers enough, the first audience loves it. Featuring half of Hollywood including their fellow Canadians Jay Baruchel and Michael Cera the apocalypse-themed film is audacious, fearless and endlessly hilarious. Few artists can draw out emotions like Inuk musician Tanya Tagaq, and even fewer can bring those emotions out simultaneously. The thing is, the Globes were Ohs to own entirely. A quirky, catchy Canadian hit. Its incredibly hard to describe alternative drag succinctly. He was, of course, referring to the global uproar over the Television Academys failure to nominate her for her breakout role(s) in the first season of Orphan Black. Geoffrey Farmer reimagines Canadas home at the Venice Biennale, Geoffrey Farmer A way out of the mirror (Francesco Barasciutti). Writer-director Robert Eggers turned Kiosk, Ont. At the Oscars of fashion (which is a bad comparison because the event is a fundraiser and a vernissage, not an award ceremony, but we digress), Dion easily wins best newcomer with her performance in the celebrity video booth. It felt like we could learn from old industry mistakes. Few things can push the limits of credulity like an artistic statement, and in this episode, Nathan exploits a loophole in Californias smoking laws, staging a theatrical production in a Pasadena tavern. Who among us really thought that Schitts Creek a 30-minute comedy series created by and starring Canadian treasures Dan and Eugene Levy (and co-starring the equally treasured likes of Catherine OHara and Annie Murphy) would go on to earn a (still) growing international fanbase, a slew of Emmy nominations and praise for its inclusive and heartwarming storylines? In addition to being set in Toronto, the writer-director herself is Canadian and delivered an acceptance speech that burgeoning artists need to hear. So if I asked her to do something that felt unnatural or dishonest (like, say, nose nuzzling), I had to justify why I needed it and more often than not, I realized that I didnt. When one actor paraded around bare-assed (boxers pulled up into his butt crack for comedic effect) between takes of Tats big crying scene, she like any great Canadian artist, pre-2010 took her bottled-up biliousness and put it into the work, delivering a performance (real tears!) The reality is that, despite the success of Indigenous artists prior to 2015, there wasnt a national push to both recognize and, more importantly, fund Indigenous artists until the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) released its final report in December of that year. And Im not just talking about their infatuation with Schitts Creek. Live from New York, its Saturday night! She has a passion for romance and seems intrigued by the way it ignites vulnerability and inspires transformation. If NFYs the story of one mans quest for attention and the lies hed tell to get it then its basically just The Bachelor. After many rumors and delays, Cline Dion closes the 2010s by launching her most hyped album in decades, Courage. A quirky catharsis according to The Guardian. But what might be my favourite thing about Canadian drag is what we have done in the last decade without the end goal of reality TV. Epilogue: Courage hits No. The 2010s: How 11 Tatiana Maslanys walked so Schitt's Creek could run | CBC Arts Over the last 10 years, Canadian artists have been storming the world stage like never before in music,. Cheap scares were out, swapped for a far more chilling brand of storytelling: slow-festering, existential despair. We dont say anything, we dont communicate. These butt-covering details can turn a Byzantine act of deception into a Byzantine act of deception thats legal and over four seasons of semantic manipulation, Dumb Starbucks remains NFYs most celebrated moment. It included Lindsay Nixons essay Windigo, which eventually ended up in their book ntisnak. Over four seasons, the greatest and most elaborate stunt Nathan for You ever produced was the series itself. But two minutes in, you know the man is in trouble. The film went on to become a box office triumph and, notably, the first comic book movie ever to score a nomination for best picture at the Golden Globes. I like sci-fi mostly the quiet kind, where people are stuck in space alone with maybe one book or maybe zero books. Munros 2010 exhibition, Inside The Solar Temple of the Cosmic Leather Daddy, referenced the AIDS epidemic, paying homage to those who lost their lives in it while looking to figures from Egyptian history and the leather subculture of the 1970s. By 2016, we were truly lacking movies based on comic book characters. Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, Schitt's Creek leads Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Daniel Levy, and Sons of Anarchy alumnus Kim Coates will be among the presenters at this year's. David Ly is the author of the chapbook Stubble Burn and the poetry collection Mythical Man. When it premiered in 2009, the now ubiquitous Drag Race without many even noticing decisively split the world of drag like a lightning bolt thrown by Zeus and sung about by Hedwig. Maki worked with Moriyama & Teshima Architects on the project a firm responsible for several Canadian cultural institutions, including the Canadian War Museum and the Ontario Science Centre. Xas Child of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation was performed at Londons Art Night before travelling, in various iterations, to Glasgow and Baku, Azerbaijan. All of us are destined to be Taylor Russell superfans, and truly, I am ready. Martin also co-wrote the book for The Prom, a musical about four Broadway actors who help a lesbian student who has been banned from bringing her girlfriend to their prom (it landed him a Tony nomination in 2019). Writer/director Christopher Nolan hopped back to Alberta for his next sci-fi adventure. Following an orphan named Flicie who dreams of becoming a ballerina (Jepsen herself voices the girls mentor, Odette), Ballerina puts Cut to the Feeling centre stage in the films climax and its basically the best thing about the film. And in a thoroughly meta epiphany, Nathan discovers the effect his TV cameras have on people. In particular, her Mariner 9 of 2012 a panoramic video installation that imagines a Mars of the future explored by an unmanned vehicle feeds my desire for bleak visions of faraway planets. Following this, they launched their first world tour, released two more albums and three EPs, and took home the award for group of the year at the 2018 Juno Awards. In the style of a documentary mystery, the movies a search for Bills long-lost love. Tatiana Maslany has revealed that guest starring in Parks and Recreation was "the scariest thing" that she has ever done. Once upon a time, Cline Dion had one dream: to become an international star. But as we soon learn, he has taken care of everything: the wake is televised and in May, Dion releases a cover of the Queen song The Show Must Go On to emphasize that she will keep working, whatever happens. Like the hungry overachievers we are, we then succeeded wildly, all over your face. But in 2018, he took it on an international tour. Michel Marc Bouchards Tom la ferme debuts at Centre du Thtre dAujourdhui, Playwright Michel Marc Bouchards Tom on the Farm (Tom la ferme) made its debut at the Centre du Thtre dAujourdhui in Montreal in January, which clearly kicked the year off right. A solid dozen jokes at our expense occur in the process, including this zinger: Your milk comes in bags, your pavilion at Epcot doesnt have a ride, and if Canada is so nice and friendly, why does most of our meth come from your Asian drug gangs?. Canada kicked off the 2010s with three straight nominations for best foreign language film (Incendies, Monsieur Lazhar and War Witch), but it very much deserved one more in 2014 when it submitted Xavier Dolans Mommy. Whether the water monster/fish-man cares about any of this remains a mystery. Featuring Paul Giamatti in the titular role, the film earned Giamatti a Golden Globe, won several Genie Awards and garnered an Academy Award nomination for best makeup. I love drag. making him the youngest artist in history to chart in the Top 25 with a debut single, Justin Trudeau to spend an evening with Ivanka Trump, drew inspiration from Belcourts painting, this year marked the close of a seven-year tour, 10 songs that should have been bigger outside of Canada, Beck + Call by July Talk feat. The true story has been heralded as a reminder of human kindness and the way we tend to rally together even in times of fear, anger and tragedy. And thats the final image of the series: a drones-eye view from the sky though not so high to obscure the action on the ground. In 2016, she became the first Canadian actor to win a Primetime Emmy Award for a Canadian . Released in September, it went on to win the 2019 Man Booker Prize alongside Bernardine Evaristos Girl, Woman, Other and was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, because of course. In the decade since Drag Race premiered, the number of drag performers, professionals, ingenues and aspiring hopefuls has skyrocketed. And it was so easy to sing and dance to, and as a result, easier still to defend to naysayers whose problems with the song seemed rooted in cynicism and bitterness. But connect it did. Follow the promenade at the bottom of the funicular, and youll reach a cantilevered lookout tower which stretches over the North Saskatchewan River. Well, obviously, she experienced a lot of personal growth, but also: Orphan Black ran for five seasons, winning her four consecutive Canadian Screen Awards for her performances. Her desire and determination to tell these stories is its own subversively political and transformative act: shes taken the characters who, for decades, had been relegated to the best friend in the romantic comedy and readjusted the lens to focus on them. David Altmejds Flux exhibit opens at the Muse dart contemporain de Montral, David Altmejd The Flux and The Puddle (James Ewing/Andrea Rosen Gallery). Nope. Although Tatiana . Chris Hadfield uploads his cover of "Space Oddity," recorded on the International Space Station, Theres only one instance where its OK to bust out an acoustic guitar to sing the cover of a world-renowned song, and thats if your name is Chris Hadfield and you are aboard the International Space Station, floating in zero gravity. Thats where The Hunk cracks the show open. It was the most fun. The mood is claustrophobic appropriate, considering youre trapped on a farm with family of Puritan zealots. The Egyptian-Canadian actor worked with director Guy Ritchie to bring new life to an existing classic, and their efforts paid off: the film went on to surpass $1 billion US at the box office worldwide. I am now 34. James Camerons Avatar becomes the highest grossing film of all time. But if youve seen photos of the main building, youve likely had a pang of envy: Dang, I want to go to thereeven if it takes two connecting flights, a ferry trip, plus an overnighter in Gander. Whod have thought it would be the start of a career equally as prolific and powerful? This year alone, Canadian female filmmakers Alexandra Lazarowich and Grace Glowicki won top prizes at Sundance and SXSW respectively. Fast forward almost 40 years and the Charlemagne, Que., native is on her way to achieving that goal. The shows previews have received rave reviews, and its shaping up to be a Broadway smash. The series took home the Golden Globe for best television limited series and led to individual wins for stars Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Alexander Skarsgrd, as well as a plethora of Emmys. For anyone who doubted whether the CBCs Peter Mansbridge (or Uncle Peter, as he deserves to be called) would find his way into the Disney canon: how dare you/I wont forget it. One hilarious early example comes in the first-season episode Rude Kid, when the five-year-old son of Janets white professor is misbehaving and Appa (Jung and Janets father, played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) instinctively flicks the boys forehead and is quickly scolded for it. If a tactic bombs, hell call it a success or hire an actress wholl tell him she loved it. Over the last 10 years, Canadian artists have been storming the world stage like never before in music, film and TV, literature, visual art, dance, theatre and everything in between. Leonard Cohen releases You Want It Darker. But in a decade of mega-powered blockbusters, Scott Pilgrim was always going to be the misfit. into the grey woods of 17th-century New England in this Canada/U.S. But just two episodes into the series, the Petting Zoo bit proved the brilliance of NFYs marketing satire. "I. The decade begins auspiciously for French-language cinema and its only le tip de liceberg. He was accepting the 2018 Polaris Music Prize for his debut album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, sung entirely in the Wolastoq language a language that is severely endangered due to Canadas policies of Indigenous assimilation and cultural genocide. After all, Baby was a joy! And it reminded anybody who saw it of the cruelty inflicted by the Canadian government over the course of the last 150 years. Joining the MCU, while already being such a vocal advocate for Asian representation, gives him a larger platform to spread the message of inclusion. In this episode, Nathans preparing for a very real appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hop a funicular car, and in less than a minute, a sleek glass cube will drop you in the river valley home to an extremely extensive network of trails. Girls. ), Before he was linked to Camila Cabello, before he collaborated with Taylor Swift and before he was anointed the face of Tim Hortons (the biggest achievement of all three), Shawn Mendes was just a Canadian boy, standing in front of the internet, asking all of us to like him. Though most identify her as a New Zealander, Anna Paquin was born in Winnipeg and spent the first four years of her life there, so its more than fair that we claim her as our own especially since it allows us to take pride in one of the greatest cinematic performances of the decade: Paquins in Kenneth Lonergans 2011 masterpiece Margaret. And Buddy, as we know, says what he likes. But in 2010, it felt brand new and newer still for Canada, a nation thats global musical offerings at the time felt far removed from the majesty of a young pop singer whod used the internet to earn the attention of Usher and, subsequently, the audiences Usher had placed him in front of. She ended the aughts like she ended the 90s: telling the world how much being a mother was her real calling. By the end of the 2010s, The Simpsons will have aired 678 episodes, making it by far the longest-running American sitcom. Outdoor elements are inspired by the neighbouring foothills; inside, wooden beams wrap the atrium, suggesting the shape of a canoe. By tailoring her persona to different cultures America, Quebec, France, Japan she IS the epitome of an international star. But despite global success, Dion was never cool. But her biggest hit, Figures, didnt really perform commercially outside of the Toronto singer-songwriters home country.